Tips For Finding High Paying Local Trucking Jobs

High paying local trucking jobs are not easy to find but they are out there. Think about it, wouldn't most people with families want a high paying local trucking job? Once they become available there is usually someone in line waiting for it. While searching for your dream trucking job, make your immediate efforts have lasting effectiveness. Here are some tips for finding a high paying local trucking job.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

High Paying North Dakota Trucking Jobs up to $80,000 Due To The Oil Boom

Because oil companies are now able to harvest from oil reserves that were previously not feasible to tap, there are all types of high paying local and regional trucking jobs in North Dakota. Even cashiers and waitress get top dollar pay to keep to keep them as employees because most businesses are booming.  Everyone needs workers to support the people who have come into town to work in the oil fields.

Truckers out in North Dakota are making $70,000 - $80,000 per year driving mostly for oil or energy companies and subcontractors to the industry.  Most of these trucking jobs don't require truckers to travel more than 150 miles away from their terminal or work site.

If relocating was in the cards for you, you may consider ND. Don't forget your spouse will likely be able to find work too, so this is really an opportunity for the right people. the next paragraph......

Note: I have seen this before and sometimes the community seems to raise the cost of everything else to match increases in salaries and wages. This almost cancels everything out unless you already stay near the area or move near the area and not right in the middle of the action.

Be proactive my friends and do your due diligence before you jump at anything that seems just too good to be true.  Make sure you get the full big picture.  Don't get my wrong I hope this is perfect for someone reading, I just don't want you to encounter any surprises.

You will definitely want to call around and see what housing and the cost of living for other things you will need down there is now compared to before the boom.  For instance, if you will need daycare, how much do they charge now?

Here are some jobs in the area.

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